Getting Treated on the NHS

Getting treatment for a skin condition can be daunting. Here we outline the steps to getting care within NHS, what you can expect, and how best to advocate for yourself.

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Seeing the Right Skin Specialist

When looking to see a dermatologist it can sometimes be minefield finding a genuine, medically-qualified, consultant. This section explains how to get it right.

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Cosmetic Dermatology

There is a substantial area of dermatology that covers things that are purely cosmetic. This section explains what procedures are considered cosmetic, why these are not usually treated on the NHS, and how to find a reputable expert.

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Going Private

If you want to see a private dermatology specialist, you are advised to get a letter of referral from your NHS or private GP. Alternatively, you can arrange to see a private specialist directly.

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Patient Journeys

In a flawless healthcare system, your patient journey would be seamless and straightforward. However, the reality isn’t usually like that. In this section patients share their real-life experiences of accessing care, which are often more complicated.

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COVID-19: Guidance for dermatology patients for remote consultations

The situation with COVID-19 means that NHS hospitals, and dermatology departments, have had to change the way they interact with patients. In this section, you will find further information on remote consultations and BAD guidance for dermatology patients.

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