COVID-19: Guidance for dermatology patients for remote consultations

The situation with Covid-19 (as of June 2020) means that NHS hospitals, and dermatology departments, have had to change the way they interact with patients.

For this reason, you may be offered a telephone, or online voice or video call, instead of a face-to-face appointment. The BAD has produced some general guidance for dermatology patients to help with this process which can be downloaded below. 

Remote dermatology consultations

The increased use of phone and video consultations aims to open up new opportunities for doctors and patients to interact safely, effectively and conveniently.

Dermatologists may be able to examine a hair, skin or nail problem, check suspicious areas on the skin for signs of skin cancer, maintain ongoing treatment for chronic conditions and prescribe medication during remote consultations.


BAD guidance for patients

Not all trusts or patients have access to the same technology, so your experiences are likely to vary based on your local hospital, and the dermatological condition for which you have been referred. We are therefore only able to offer general guidance on what to expect. Our guidance for dermatology patients is available to download here.