Acne Support

Acne Support ( is a specialised website brought to you to offer expert, impartial advice on acne. The website offers a range of advice that covers both knowledge, teaching and even support guides for those affected by acne in the UK. Below is an outline of the acne areas covered by Acne Support.

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Acne Types

There are many different varieties of acne and all start in the same place, hair follicles. Through this section you’ll learn how each different type of acne emerges from these hair follicles and how to identify what type of acne may be affecting you.


You’ll find details on the varying causes of acne. There are many factors that determine whether a person has acne-prone skin and how they are affected by acne outbreaks. It is important to remember that causes can interlink with one another and that more than one thing may be responsible for your acne.


Acne is often a chronic problem, and a person with acne-prone skin will likely have outbreaks of acne at times. However, there is plenty of effective treatment available for you to prevent your outbreaks from occurring, and managing them when they do happen. Sometimes this may mean visiting your GP.


Acne scarring is very common and affects one in five who have had with acne at some point in their lives. This page offers information on the different forms of scarring that can occur as well as the best methods for reducing and removing scarring through treatment.


While not all preventative efforts work for everyone, identifying the underlying factors that cause your acne is a great start. This page aims to help people with acne identify the many ways you can attempt to prevent your skin from having acne breakouts. Covering Acne Skin conditions that change the way that our skin looks, such as acne, can have a serious affect on the way we think and feel about ourselves. With the help of the British Association of Skin Camouflage, this page will help people with acne find information on how to cover acne and scarring effectively.

Emotional Support

There is often a clear link between our physical health and appearance and our emotional state. Here you will find information on how acne might affect our mental state, as well as the support available and the relevant links for people in distress.