Going Private

If you want to see a private dermatology specialist, you are advised to get a letter of referral from your NHS or private GP. Alternatively, you can arrange to see a private specialist directly. It’s a good idea to talk to your NHS doctor about going private, as although many conditions can be treated successfully in the private sector, others may require an approach which only the NHS is likely to be able to provide.

If you have been seeing a doctor privately, you can choose at any time to convert back to NHS care. You never lose your right to NHS care; however, you will not be referred directly from your private service to an NHS specialist. You will be returned from the private service to your NHS GP and be offered a choice of provider and onwards referral to the NHS provider of your choice.

Refer to our section on ‘Seeing the right Skin Specialist’ to learn more about how best to find a doctor with the suitable expertise to provide your private medical care. Please be aware that not all treatments available on the NHS are also available privately.